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Zone is marketed in the UK and Eire by Boost Music and overseas via Zone’s appointed agents.

Zone Music Ltd

2 Wey Barn, King's Mews

High Street




+44 (0)1483 267 000

Music searches, consultancy & quotes

Scott Lawrence
Head of Promotions
Peta Briscoe
Senior Promotions Executive

John Graham
Digital Marketing Executive & Music Supervisor

Becca Stimpson
Promotions & Marketing Assistant

International, production & bespoke

Martin Cooper
Managing Director
Finance, royalties & marketing

Tracy Cooper
Financial & Marketing Director

Linda Clisby
Office Manager

Jez Poole
Production Director

Hard Drive - all Zone tracks are available on the Boost Drive – please contact for further information. It is available to select clients who need direct access to production music on location or for those with limited internet access.



Zone works with a combination of established composers and new raw talent. We are always looking for new writers, so if you'd like to submit your work for our consideration, please send to us via Soundcloud or similar dropbox site. The demo should represent your strongest style of music and comprise no more than six tracks. We will provide feedback if your submission is successful.

PRS For Music Production Music

Production music / library music for advertising, promos, web, film, radio and television programming. Read More