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Zone is a unique independent music library offering an on-going series of micro-libraries or ‘Zones’. Each Zone is genre defined and a mini library within itself. The albums all have between 30 and 60 individual tracks and are broken down into easy to use sub-sections.

  • Dronezone
  • TVzone
  • Pleasurezone
  • Clubbingzone
  • Docuzone
  • Funzone
  • Dramazone
  • Historyzone

Also available is Short Stuff. These albums basically mirror the albums in the 'Zones' but only contain 30 second cut and sting versions of the tracks. Each album has the same catalogue number as the original but with an (SS) code to make a differentiation.

Hard Drive - all Zone tracks are available on the Boost Drive – please contact for further information. It is available to select clients who need direct access to production music on location or for those with limited internet access.

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